To accomplish our mission we need your support!

To accomplish our mission we need your support!

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Our trek is complete, we reached the summit,
we awarded scholarships for the 2008-2009 ski season!
Ultimately, we’d love to have people
carry on supporting us
and our efforts so that we can continue to help female disabled athletes in the future.
We are currently accepting applicants for this season, which is a Paralympic season.


We just finished our African adventure 2 days ago. There was laughter, tears, dirt and sweat but the 5 of us got up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro successfully. One making it to Gilman’s Point and the rest reaching Uhuru Peak!
The trek was a long but fun 6 days. There is so much to tell…
…in short we went through the gamut of emotions and external issues including heath concerns, medical issues, weather, lack of sleep, lack of food consumption and lots of hours of hiking, but we did it! Day 5 (but it really all started on Day 4) was our summit day and it was very difficult in every way. Adrenaline can only take you so far but we pushed through. From the time I left our base camp at the Kibo Hut, went to the summit and returned back to base camp I had hiked for 15 hours! The worst part was that was not the end of the day, we had to hike 4 more hours to reach our next camp. Looking back I don’t know how I made it through some of the toughest moments along the way, but some how we managed it together. We are a strong group of women, disabled or not, and we really showed our strengths out on the mountain!
Below is a shot of us celebrating together when we finally reached the hotel on Day 6.


LaceyLilly said...

God, I am just so proud of you woman! You are brave and wonderful and beautiful! Oh, I am just so happy you are doing this. Woman everywhere need to see this! I love you guys and I am proud to call you friends. Take care and kick ass! Keep going! I'm cheerin' for ya!

tim said...

awesome story, I'll be linking to this story from my blog on