To accomplish our mission we need your support!

To accomplish our mission we need your support!

Continue to help

Our trek is complete, we reached the summit,
we awarded scholarships for the 2008-2009 ski season!
Ultimately, we’d love to have people
carry on supporting us
and our efforts so that we can continue to help female disabled athletes in the future.
We are currently accepting applicants for this season, which is a Paralympic season.


1 Mission
We will summit Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for people and athletes with physical disabilities. Our goal is to raise a dollar for every foot of altitude that we go up and down on Kilimanjaro. That’s right, we want to raise $19,340 for our ascent and $19,340 for our descent, with a total goal being $38,680. We are doing this for....

2 New scholarships
Two new scholarships for female athletes with physical disabilities giving them the chance to train and race with the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) in Winter Park, Colorado. We want to show the world that people with physical disabilities can reach and surpass the same heights as able bodied people.

3 Nationalities
There are three nationalities of women doing this climb. Katja from Finland, Hannah, Sandy and Kati from the USA, and Liz from the UK. Bringing nationalities together in the quest to raise awareness for women and athletes with physical disabilities is important to us. We are trying to reach out beyond the usual parameters.

4 Different Disabilities
We have one climber who is an above knee amputee from bone cancer, one above the knee amputee from a congenital disorder called PFFD (in short), one with cerebral palsy and two below the knee amputees from accidents 10 years ago.

5 Women
Five strong women trying to show the world how 6 legs can get up the highest free standing mountain in the world!