To accomplish our mission we need your support!

To accomplish our mission we need your support!

Continue to help

Our trek is complete, we reached the summit,
we awarded scholarships for the 2008-2009 ski season!
Ultimately, we’d love to have people
carry on supporting us
and our efforts so that we can continue to help female disabled athletes in the future.
We are currently accepting applicants for this season, which is a Paralympic season.

Additional reasons

We have embarked on an additional project for our trip to Tanzania. We are teaming up with the Finnish program LiiKe. Liikunnan kehitysyhteistoyo- Sports Development Aid: LiiKe (Liikunnan kehitysyhteistyö - Sports Development Aid) is a Finnish NGO working for sports development in developing countries. Its aim is to promote social and economic welfare by using sports as a tool to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. LiiKe operates closely with the Finnish Sports Federation, Finnish sports associations and other Finnish and international NGO's.LiiKe has two projects in Tanzania: the first targets girls and women, aiming to improve gender equity and school enrolment through sports; the second targets primary schools in the Mtwara Region, aiming to make their sports environments more attractive in order to decrease school dropouts and improve educational facilities.

International Platform on Sport and Development
Butimba’s Teachers College: Sport and Physical Education (PE) have a minor role in the Tanzanian education syllabus today. The present number of sport teachers is rather low in the primary schools and the quality of the lessons provided is rather poor. A new curriculum has been worked out by the Ministry of Education to include Sport and Ethics as a subject of its own. The implementation of the new curriculum is now a big challenge for the Butimba Teachers’ College (TC) as it’s the only college to study PE.

Our plan is to visit the village called Butimba near Mwanza and visit the school for children with disabilities and attend a seminar for the teachers. It is the only school for the becoming teachers where they can study physical education. We would attend the seminar where we could speak about sport for people with physical disabilities.

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